Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you pull your projections from?

Projections for QB, WR, RB and TE are pulled from consensus projections. DST and K projections are pulled from CBS Sports, and IDP projections are pulled from

Is Average ADP tailored to my league settings?

It’s tailored to a point. We have ADP data on standard, PPR, 2QB standard, 2QB PPR, IDP standard, and IDP PPR. If your league has different settings than that, we’ll choose the closest one to those settings. The league specific ADPs (ESPN, Yahoo, etc) are all based off standard settings only.

What are the MULTI and SINGLE buttons for?

These buttons change how the position buttons are selected. When MULTI is on, you can select one or many positions. When SINGLE is on, you can only select one position at a time. This functionality allows you to flip between positions on your cheatsheet in whatever way is easiest to you.

How do I clear out a draft I already started?

If the draft flyout on the right of the cheatsheet is not already up, click the orange “Show Draft Tab” button. Once it’s up, click the gear button on the top right of it. From there, you will see a red “End Draft” button. Click that and the draft will clear out and set you back to rankings mode.

 What is VORP?

VORP: Value Over Replacement Player – The difference in fantasy points this player is projected to score this year compared to a replacement level player at his position. The replacement level player is determined by the baseline formula (below). VORP is used to determine a value for a player compared to players of any other position.

What is PRV?

PRV: Positional Rank Value – PRV is a metric unique to SmartFantasy. It uses the same principles as VORP, but instead of assessing the value of a player using projected fantasy points (which are notoriously imperfect and unreliable) it assesses the value of a player using their positional rank. The value of the positional rank is determined by the average of the points scored by that positional rank over the last two years compared to the average of the points scored by the replacement player for the last two years. For example, if the second ranked WR scored an average of 220 points over the last two years, and the replacement-level WR scored an average of 130, the WR2’s PRV would be 90 points. If Julio Jones is your second ranked WR, his PRV is 90 points. PRV is not useful when ranking players within their own position, but is very helpful when comparing players across different positions.

What is a baseline formula?

The baseline formula is used to find the replacement-level player for use in value metrics such as PRV and VORP. There are several different ways to find the replacement level players at each position. SmartFantasy offers:

  • Worst Starter: This formula uses the worst starter at each position in your league as the baseline player. For example, if you have ten teams in your league and start one QB, the baseline QB is the 10th highest scoring QB.
  • Ten Rounds: This formula uses the last player at each position drafted in the first ten rounds of a draft similar to yours. For example, if 28 RBs are drafted in the first ten rounds of a draft similar to yours, the baseline RB is the 28th highest scoring RB.

There is a third formula called “Man Games” which uses the amount of games needed to be played by a position in a league and how many players it would take to play that many games. We do not offer this option because it is much more complicated to compute (speed is important) and overvalues high-injury positions.

What baseline formula should I use?

That is still a contentious topic among fantasy experts, so we can’t definitively say which one is the best. The Ten Rounds formula will probably give you results closest to current rankings, but that’s because it uses the market to assess value in the market. You’re not going to find many market inefficiencies using this formula, but you won’t ever be too off base either. The “Worst Starter” formula should be able to expose some market inefficiencies , but you have to use good judgement while using it. For example, defenses and kickers will have pretty high VORP values using this method, and you should adjust your ranks to nullify that.

How do I change the order of the columns on my cheatsheet?

Click the blue “Edit Columns” button on the right of your cheatsheet. On the modal that pops up, click and drag the blue column names at the bottom of the page to reorder them. Close the modal window and the order will automatically save.