A Quick History

SmartFantasy is a re-launch of the wildly popular cheat sheet creator, SmartCheatSheet.

In 2014, after being unsatisfied with what the internet had to offer and tired of manually updating Excel spreadsheets, SmartCheatSheet was imagined, coded and released.

Upon a successful launch on Reddit, a small team formed, a larger vision emerged and SmartFantasy was born.

SmartCheatSheet–the flagship SmartFantasy tool–isn’t a narrow recommendation engine that drafts for you. Nor is it an overly complicated and hard to navigate series of checkboxes and text fields.

SmartCheatSheet is an accessible, comprehensive collection of every stat imaginable, presented in a completely customizable, sortable, drag-and-drop interface.  Oh, and it’s 100% free.

It exists because what we wanted wasn’t available anywhere else, so we had to build it.

We know you play fantasy football because you (probably) want to win. But, like us, we have a hunch that you don’t want to rely on any number of contradictory top picks out there. You want to make an informed decision and actually play the game.

With that, a tagline to shape all future analysis and tools we develop formed:

Be Informed. Play Smart.

We want you to own your draft, and we want you to own your season. You’re the one playing–we’re just here to help you be informed and play smart.

Our Team



leeIn Lee’s first attempt at fantasy football, he drafted Marvin Harrison and Ladainian Tomlinson with his first two picks. The year was 2002, Harrison set the NFL record for catches in a season, Tomlinson racked up 2172 total yards–a fantasy championship was won, and an obsession was born.

Always unwilling to concede to expert opinion, he created SmartCheatSheet.com in 2014 as a way to create his own custom rankings with all the relevant data possible at his fingertips. After a very successful beta release, Lee formed a team and folded SmartCheatSheet under the umbrella of SmartFantasy, which was released in 2015.

Lee was born in Janesville, Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire in 2010 with a Bachelors in Computer Science. He currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lee’s hobbies (other than fantasy football) include web development, basketball, flag football, weightlifting, music, and cats. He is a huge Dallas Cowboys (and Tony Romo) fan, and, despite his roots, despises the Green Bay Packers.



Tyler graduated in 2009 from Hamline University with a BA in English, spent a couple of years working in the non-profit sector. He soon found his way back to IT, having initially taught himself web development through Webmonkey tutorials in middle school and competing on Battlebots Season 5.

Currently living in Minneapolis, MN, he is healthily obsessed with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and spending as much time outside as possible when it isn’t winter.





Rankings Expert/Analyst

abeSoftware Developer based out of Minneapolis. Former Intern/Game Charter for Football Outsiders. Performs improv/sketch comedy in his spare time. Full Disclosure: I am a Packers fan.