The Smart Guide to Your Very First Fantasy Football Draft

My girlfriend Alyssa informed me that she joined two fantasy football leagues this year. This means, of course, that I just joined two fantasy leagues this year. She’s been playing fantasy with her friends for the last two years, but I’ve been the one doing the research, drafting, and making the pickups. I don’t mind… Read More

SmartCheatsheet 2016: New Features and Bug Fixes

Hi all! Hopefully your cheatsheet building is going well and all of your drafts are falling your way. We’re doing our best to make sure that happens. As you can imagine, the last few weeks have been hectic. We’ve been spending most of our time fixing minor bugs and helping users use their SmartCheatsheet effectively, but… Read More

Draft Order Randomizer & Lottery Tool

Click here to use the tool. We created a simple tool to determine your league’s draft order. You can either completely randomize it, or you can set up a weighted lottery. For a lottery, give each team in the lottery a percentage of winning the first pick, and then hit Go. It works just like… Read More

The Smart Guide To Choosing a League Hosting Service

Although picking a site to host a fantasy football league may seem like a simple and straightforward decision, there are many differences between the services each site offers that can enhance or diminish your league’s enjoyment. Finding the right host is one of the first and most important decisions for a commissioner (or league) to… Read More

New Feature: NFL Mock Draft Challenge

Try the Mock Draft Challenge! Last year, a couple friends and I got together to put $10 on who could have the most accurate mock draft.  We submitted our drafts via Google Sheets, and then tallied the totals ourselves. This year, we planned on doing it again, but instead of manually tallying our scores, I… Read More

Podcast: 2016 NFL Draft Preview

Ezekiel Elliot runs the 40 yard dash

Abe and I recently got together to preview the 2016 NFL Draft.  We started with the blockbuster Rams-Titans trade, and then put our GM hats on to discuss and make a pick for every team in the first round. These are the picks that we would make if we were running the team, not the picks… Read More

The Smart Guide to Being a Great Fantasy Football Commissioner

Roger Goodell steps to the draft podium

A commissioner can make or break a fantasy football league. With money at stake, pride on the line, and heated opinions thrown into the ring, it doesn’t take much to toss a wrench into a fun and promising group of fantasy players. That’s where the commissioner comes in. The task may seem daunting at first,… Read More

Elite Corners and When To Avoid Them In Fantasy

Vontae Davis of the Indianapolis Colts.

  Start and sit decisions will win and lose you fantasy games this year. They’re very important, but not always very obvious. A myriad of factors have to be taken into consideration, including player talent, health, game flow, and matchups. For evaluating matchups against your wide receivers, you have to look not only at the… Read More

The Case Against Adrian Peterson

I’m going to ruffle some feathers among my Minnesota brethren with this one: I don’t think Adrian Peterson is worth a top five pick in fantasy this year. According to FantasyPros average draft position, Peterson is currently going first in standard leagues. To me, the first round is mostly about safety. You want to pick someone… Read More