Which Players Are SmartFantasy Users Avoiding and Targeting The Most?

With thousands of users now using SmartCheatsheet, we can start looking at some trends and mass opinions. These opinions will resemble the fantasy community at large, and can hopefully be used to gain an advantage in the draft. Here are the top twelve players you guys are avoiding (some for obvious injury reasons*): Jordy Nelson (WR)*… Read More

New SmartCheatsheet Features: Boris Chen Tiers, Edit/Delete League, and Strength of Schedule

In addition to speeding it up, we’ve added some new features to SmartFantasy/SmartCheatsheet over the last few days: Boris Chen’s tiers as available columns. To view the tiers, select “Edit Columns”, select “Tiers” from the drop down, and click both columns. Thanks to Boris for the data! Edit/Delete league: Click the Edit League button at… Read More

Offensive Line Assessment: Projecting the Best and Worst Of 2015

Green Bay Packers offensive line

Offensive linemen have long been the unheralded cogs that really make the machine run. Us fantasy footballers tend to prefer to deal with the glitz and glamour of the skill position players, but knowing how the big boys up front stack up could mean a world of difference for our points scorers. Let’s take a… Read More

Demaryius vs Dez: Who is the better pick?

Dez Bryant throws up the x

Dez Bryant and Demariyus Thomas have been closely tied together since the 2014 season ended. Their situations were identical: star wide receivers in their prime hoping for a huge new deal but getting franchise tagged by their teams despite those wishes (and are also #88). Speculation ran rampant, and talk of holdouts and training camp… Read More

2015 Fantasy Football Rankings: First Edition

Jeremy Hill of the Cincinnati Bengals

That time of year is upon us again- No, not the fantasy football season. That’s still a couple months away. I’m talking about the official lull of the sports season, when basketball and hockey are over, baseball isn’t close enough to the playoffs to be interesting, and football still hasn’t hit training camp. All this… Read More

12 Things We Learned About Fantasy Football in 2014

The 2014 fantasy football season is in the books. Some laughed, some cried, but we should all learn. Which strategies worked? Which didn’t? What changed about the game this year that we can apply to next? Let’s take a look at twelve takeaways from this season: 1. Get what you can out of lottery ticket (suspended… Read More

My Top 5 Fantasy Football Dos and Don’ts

Fantasy football can be a fickle mistress. After riding Marvin Harrison’s monster 2002 season to a rookie Championship, I’ve experienced all the highs and lows of being an obsessive fantasy player. I’ve made enough mistakes for my experiences to be of use to some people, so I figured I’d share my list of Do’s and Don’ts for… Read More