Which Players Are Our Users Avoiding and Targeting in 2016?

Our SmartCheatsheet tool allows users to mark each player as a “Target”, “Sleeper”, and “Avoid”. With thousands of users now creating their cheatsheets, it’s fun to look at some trends and mass opinions. These opinions will resemble the fantasy community at large, and can hopefully be used to gain an advantage in the draft. NOTE: These are… Read More

Five Players to Target on Draft Day

Hey there fantasy football fans! Welcome to the pre-season edition of SmartFantasy’s (soon-to-be) weekly fantasy article where I, Kent Weyrauch, will be covering lists of players that I will want to either pick up, start/stream, buy low or sell high each and every week. The lists will be consistent from week-to-week, but the players will always… Read More

Elite Corners and When To Avoid Them In Fantasy

Vontae Davis of the Indianapolis Colts.

  Start and sit decisions will win and lose you fantasy games this year. They’re very important, but not always very obvious. A myriad of factors have to be taken into consideration, including player talent, health, game flow, and matchups. For evaluating matchups against your wide receivers, you have to look not only at the… Read More

The Case For Adrian Peterson

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” Wise words indeed from Mark Twain but sometimes it’s just that simple. I had the second overall pick and Jamaal Charles just came off the board. I couldn’t click that draft button faster. No hesitation. Adrian Peterson (RB)… Read More

The Case Against Adrian Peterson

I’m going to ruffle some feathers among my Minnesota brethren with this one: I don’t think Adrian Peterson is worth a top five pick in fantasy this year. According to FantasyPros average draft position, Peterson is currently going first in standard leagues. To me, the first round is mostly about safety. You want to pick someone… Read More

Which Players Are SmartFantasy Users Avoiding and Targeting The Most?

With thousands of users now using SmartCheatsheet, we can start looking at some trends and mass opinions. These opinions will resemble the fantasy community at large, and can hopefully be used to gain an advantage in the draft. Here are the top twelve players you guys are avoiding (some for obvious injury reasons*): Jordy Nelson (WR)*… Read More

Game Logs: A better way to evaluate players

desean jackson

It is often said that fantasy football is a weekly game, yet we keep using season total or season average stats when referencing a player’s past performance. Season averages often smooth out the peaks and valleys of a player’s performance and distort their real value One week can even completely skew a player’s total stat… Read More

Offensive Line Assessment: Projecting the Best and Worst Of 2015

Green Bay Packers offensive line

Offensive linemen have long been the unheralded cogs that really make the machine run. Us fantasy footballers tend to prefer to deal with the glitz and glamour of the skill position players, but knowing how the big boys up front stack up could mean a world of difference for our points scorers. Let’s take a… Read More

New Team New Value: WRs Relocation Evaluation – PART 2

Jeremy Maclin in Chiefs Uniform

<<< Read Part 1 Jeremy Maclin (Chiefs) –  DOWNGRADE/PUSH This guy had quite the year. Jeremy Maclin is coming off a Pro Bowl season in which he produced 85 receptions for 1,318 yards and 10 touchdowns. 2014 was a marvelous year for the newly minted Chiefs receiver who finished 9th among all WRs in fantasy.… Read More

New Team New Value: WRs Relocation Evaluation – PART 1

Andre Johnson in Colts Uniform

The introduction of a foreign organism into an entirely new ecosystem can provide a widely mixed and even dangerous outcome. Players who switch teams should be carefully examined because their relocation can provide intriguing fantasy value. Take the Denver Broncos’ free agency pickup of Emmanuel Sanders for example. There were so many questions surrounding this… Read More