SmartCheatSheet, 2014

Last year, for the tenth year in a row, I was typing my fantasy football rankings and metrics into Excel, and I decided there had to be a better way to do this.

Many people are content with just printing off an expert’s cheatsheet, but I am not one of those people. I searched around the web for a cheat sheet creator tool. While there were a couple out there, none had the capability or access to data I wanted.

So, as a web developer, I decided to create my own: SmartCheatSheet.

A few weeks and 13,000 users later, evolved from a small personal project into something worth exploring, expanding and pursuing.

Introducing SmartFantasy

I compiled a small team of smart, like-minded people and we worked to define a new vision for the site. The first order of business was changing its name to SmartFantasy, as we intend to build more useful tools than just a cheatsheet creator and eventually service more sports than just football.

With that, we also surmised a tagline that captured what we are really trying to do. Our primary audience will not be fantasy players who want their season phoned in for them. There are plenty of opinions out there. What we intend to do is gather, analyze and present data in a way that empower your decision making.

You should own your draft, your season, your team. We’re here to help you take ownership of your decisions: Be informed. Play Smart.

Our main focus remains the cheatsheet creator, SmartCheatSheet. And for the 2015 season, the SmartCheatSheet will be the flagship, albeit only, pre-season tool SmartFantasy will offer.

SmartCheatSheet, 2015

We’ve completely rebuilt last year’s version from scratch and it is now much faster, more customizable, and more reliable. Included in the new features are drag and drop reordering, value based drafting metrics, custom tabs, and more than 100 column choices.

Still 100% free to use.

We plan to launch in early August and will email past users and new mailing list subscribers when it is ready.

We’re hoping for as much feedback as possible from the fantasy football community. After the launch, we’ll take every suggestion and put it towards making a better tool.

We are also working on a set of in-season tools and are taking suggestions for what might be useful in that realm.

Get ready for the launch. And don’t be afraid to let us know what you think.

-Lee Thostenson



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