Try the Mock Draft Challenge!


Last year, a couple friends and I got together to put $10 on who could have the most accurate mock draft. Β We submitted our drafts via Google Sheets, and then tallied the totals ourselves. This year, we planned on doing it again, but instead of manually tallying our scores, I decided to develop a little tool in SmartFantasy to do it. I only spent this past weekend working on it, so it’s very limited in scope. but it allows you to create a mock draft (either in a group of friends or on your own) and see how close you got to the real thing. The score will update as the draft is happening in real-time, and the tool will show you your ranking in your group, the site overall, and against the main NFL Draft experts (Kiper, McShay, etc.) Here is the scoring system this will be using:Β scoring

Click Here to create your mock draft, and drop us a line if you have any questions!


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