In addition to speeding it up, we’ve added some new features to SmartFantasy/SmartCheatsheet over the last few days:

  1. Boris Chen’s tiers as available columns. To view the tiers, select “Edit Columns”, select “Tiers” from the drop down, and click both columns. Thanks to Boris for the data!
  2. Edit/Delete league: Click the Edit League button at the top left of the cheatsheet to edit or delete an existing league. NOTE: If you edit a league’s number of teams or your draft pick, and you are in the middle of a draft, the draft will be ended.
  3. Strength of Schedule Metric: To see this column, click “Edit Columns” and select “Team Info” from the drop down. Then click “SoS” to add it.

We have also added an FAQ, and several new articles.

We’re still fixing bugs and adding new features. If you have any issues, feel free to hit me up on here, tweet to us @SmartFantasyNFL, or submit a bug/suggestion on the site (easiest way for us). This is a free tool and we all have day jobs, so we appreciate your patience in dealing with any hiccups the site may have.

The next features to be added will be:

  1. Keepers
  2. PRV (Positional Rank Value)
  3. Ability to export/print
  4. More In-draft metrics

Thanks for your support!

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