Some new features went into the tool over the past week:

  1. Multiple FLEX Options: You now have the ability to add flexes of different positions to your league. For example you might have a RB/WR/TE flex and then three WR/TE flexes.
  2. PRV (Positional Rank Value): PRV is now available as a column. It is currently only calculating for the QB, WR, RB, and TE positions. Here’s an explanation of PRV from our FAQ:

PRV is a metric unique to SmartFantasy. It uses the same principles as VORP, but instead of assessing the value of a player using projected fantasy points (which are notoriously imperfect and unreliable) it assesses the value of a player using their positional rank. The value of the positional rank is determined by the average of the points scored by that positional rank over the last two years compared to the average of the points scored by the replacement player for the last two years. For example, if the second ranked WR scored an average of 220 points over the last two years, and the replacement-level WR scored an average of 130, the WR2’s PRV would be 90 points. If Julio Jones is your second ranked WR, his PRV is 90 points. PRV is not useful when ranking players within their own position, but is very helpful when comparing players across different positions.

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