We got hammered hard with traffic on our initial launch last Thursday.

Everything worked really well with our 30 or so beta testers, but once we had thousands of you making your custom cheatsheets, the simple truth is that you outraced our infrastructure’s ability to process it all at once. Lots of complicated processing and lots of users resulted in lots of spinning.

Round 2

So we went back to the drawing board and spent the weekend rewriting how we query our databases and perform our calculations. It was 90 degrees in Minnesota, so we skipped the beach and clacked away on our keyboards to ensure that this year’s SmartCheatSheet is better than ever.

We are seeing some incredible speed increases, which we’re really excited about.

We have also added a “Problems with your cheatsheet?” red link at the top right of your cheatsheets.



Click this if you see any weirdness and it should hopefully clear out those lingering issues.


We’re really sorry for the downtime and are super bummed about the instability over the past few days. While we expected another year of positivity from you all, we couldn’t foresee how hard you hug.

So the tool is all systems go right now. We’re still working on features and releasing them every day (yes, PRV, Keepers, and League Edits will be done soon).

Follow us on Twitter @SmartFantasyNFL to keep up to date on all those updates. Tweet us or submit a bug if you need any help or have any issues.
Thanks again for your support.
SmartFantasy Team

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