Game Logs: A better way to evaluate players

desean jackson

It is often said that fantasy football is a weekly game, yet we keep using season total or season average stats when referencing a player’s past performance. Season averages often smooth out the peaks and valleys of a player’s performance and distort their real value One week can even completely skew a player’s total stat… Read More

Demaryius vs Dez: Who is the better pick?

Dez Bryant throws up the x

Dez Bryant and Demariyus Thomas have been closely tied together since the 2014 season ended. Their situations were identical: star wide receivers in their prime hoping for a huge new deal but getting franchise tagged by their teams despite those wishes (and are also #88). Speculation ran rampant, and talk of holdouts and training camp… Read More

My Top 5 Fantasy Football Dos and Don’ts

Fantasy football can be a fickle mistress. After riding Marvin Harrison’s monster 2002 season to a rookie Championship, I’ve experienced all the highs and lows of being an obsessive fantasy player. I’ve made enough mistakes for my experiences to be of use to some people, so I figured I’d share my list of Do’s and Don’ts for… Read More