Offensive Line Assessment: Projecting the Best and Worst Of 2015

Green Bay Packers offensive line

Offensive linemen have long been the unheralded cogs that really make the machine run. Us fantasy footballers tend to prefer to deal with the glitz and glamour of the skill position players, but knowing how the big boys up front stack up could mean a world of difference for our points scorers. Let’s take a… Read More

12 Things We Learned About Fantasy Football in 2014

The 2014 fantasy football season is in the books. Some laughed, some cried, but we should all learn. Which strategies worked? Which didn’t? What changed about the game this year that we can apply to next? Let’s take a look at twelve takeaways from this season: 1. Get what you can out of lottery ticket (suspended… Read More

Draft Strategy: Don’t Whiff at the Top

Going into a Fantasy Football draft, it helps to have a certain strategy. You don’t have to stick to that strategy if unexpected moves start happening, but I think you should be prepared for what you want to do.  This year, I’m calling my strategy “Don’t Whiff at the Top”. NOTE: In this article I am… Read More