Well fantasy football fans, week 1 is in the books. I know, I know. It was stressful for me too, but I hope you won a majority of your fantasy match-ups! Lots of things happened this week and it’s time to start parsing the numbers. Before we get started, I have to stress that no trends have been formed yet. Generally it takes 3 weeks for us to see these trends start to form, so please don’t go dumping all of your FAAB on anyone just yet. With that being said, there are still important things to consider for our fantasy rosters. So let’s start going over a few lists to help you prep for week 2!


1. Keenan Allen – DROP

Sigh. Let’s get this one out of the way. I had Keenan in two leagues. Luckily I traded Allen away in my dynasty league, but I won’t get into my personal roster moves. The bottom line is that Allen is out for the season: he just recently had the official diagnosis of torn ACL. Allen can be dropped in all redraft leagues, but in keeper leagues it’s a tougher call and it really depends on your keeper rules. It might not be worth clogging your IR spot all season with a strict keeper cost rule-set. ACL tears are slow to come back from, but we have seen more and more success stories with modern advancements in medicine. In addition to Allen, it may be time to think about dropping/benching Philip Rivers for someone like Jameis Winston or Matt Ryan, as the San Diego receiving corps beyond Keenan Allen is mediocre at best. If you have league specific questions about Keenan Allen, drop them in the comments section and I will answer to the best of my ability.

2. Cole Beasley – ADD (ESPN Ownership: 3%)

We knew that things might be different with Dak Prescott playing under center, but we weren’t exactly sure how. Well, one thing we do know is that Cole Beasley had a whopping 12 targets last night. That’s mostly surprising because Beasley is listed behind Terrance Williams on the depth chart, who only had 4 targets. Another thing we know is that Dak had 45 passing attempts, which is good enough to land him at #3 for week 1. There is passing volume to be had in Dallas. It is also noteworthy that Dez only had 5 targets as well. This means that Beasley might see less than 12 targets per game average going forward, but even with 7-8 targets per game he could be a solid WR4 in PPR formats to have stocked for bye weeks.

I recommend spending 3-4% FAAB if you need WR depth, but wouldn’t recommend using waiver priority on him.

3. Tajae Sharpe – ADD (ESPN Ownership: 41.9%)

We heard many good things about Sharpe going through camp, and he performed quite well during preseason by catching 9 passes for 163 yards. That kind of production is something you look for in a rookie. In addition to that, Sharpe had 11 targets in week 1 against the Vikings. Those targets were turned into 7 catches for 76 yards, which is quite respectable against a great Vikings defense. He has gotten a fair amount of hype going into the season, though, so if Sharpe is on your waiver wire you may have to spend a bit more to get him. I think that spending 6-10 % FAAB is a fair price for getting a solid receiver with room to grow.

4. Dwayne Allen – ADD (ESPN Ownership: 38%)

Colts tight ends accounted for 3 touchdowns and a two point conversion on Sunday. Yes, Jack Doyle (the second string TE) grabbed two of them. Yes, Jack Doyle had more fantasy points than Dwayne Allen. That’s okay, because we’re no longer worried about week 1 fantasy points. Now we are worried about week 2 and beyond’s fantasy points. Dwayne Allen was having a great night (4-53-1) for a TE that is likely on your waiver wire. Jack Doyle only had three targets, and two of those were touchdown passes. That’s TD vulturing at it’s finest. Expect Dwayne Allen to maintain the TE1 role with Indy going forward, and similar stat lines to go with it. It is clear that the Colts want to target their tight ends in the red zone.

5. Don’t Drop RB lotto tickets

This one is less specific. It’s week 2. There are many guys out there who still might have opportunities to step up for their team later in the year, such as: Kenneth Dixon, Chris Thompson, Tevin Coleman, Jerick McKinnon, etc. I touted McKinnon specifically before the season, especially in keeper leagues. I still think like McKinnon, because Adrian Peterson did not have a good day (19 rushes for 31 yards and zero receptions). The Vikings may try to work McKinnon in more often once Sam Bradford starts, making him a possible PPR flex play in the near future. I believe that these types of backs should be held on to for at least a couple weeks, until bye weeks start to become a problem. Last year, I was lucky enough to get Devonta Freeman after someone else dropped him. Remember to keep your eyes peeled on that waiver wire in the next couple weeks. Wide receivers that received low target counts would be better candidates to drop for now.

That’s all for now. There shouldn’t be too much waiver action going on quite yet, so stay steady with your FAAB budgeting. As the season goes on, I recommend starting to think about using more of your FAAB or using waiver priority. Keep an eye out for a Buy High/Sell Low article tomorrow!

Kent Weyrauch

Kent Weyrauch

Hello, my name is Kent and I am a fantasy football fanatic! I just started playing 3 years ago, but I have quickly allowed it to consume my entire life. Last year I won two leagues through quality research and waiver wire action, so I hope that I can provide you with similar info so you can do the same thing.

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